Brewing Chemex by Feel (Lumix GH4 + Pentax Vintage Lens)

Hopefully this helps simplify the pour over method, specifically the Chemex. I have found that when I understand the general theory behind what makes a good cup of coffee, I can rely on intuition to brew it well. I'm thankful for James Hoffman's content in helping me understand those fundamental concepts of coffee. It's so satisfying to not have to stress about the numbers and still end up with a delicious, perfectly extracted cup. The notes on this bag of beans say "vibrant and fruity" and I wholly agree with that succinct description. Super juicy. My current favorite. The music in this video comes from my experimental instrumental project called Light Gaps.

In this video I am brewing Ethiopia Sasaba beans by PERC Coffee in Savannah, Georgia using a Coffeesock.

Benjamin Daniel - Fear Hymn Official Music Video (Lumix GH4 + Pentax Vintage Lens)

I drove from Atlanta to LA with my friend Ben to help him transition into his new season of life. Took some footage from that trip to create a music video for his song "Fear Hymn" off his latest EP "Good Fear EP"

I also had the pleasure of producing and mixing this record. It deeply encourages me. You can listen to it on Spotify.

Ventura (Lumix GH4 + Pentax Vintage Lens)

One morning Ben and I visited Ventura beach, quieted our spirits, walked around the pier, and ate a Mexican breakfast. It's interesting how it can seem like the world is collapsing when we're glued to the internet and social media, but this morning was so peaceful. There were many people from different walks of life, unified through fishing, morning light, tacos, and the cool Pacific Ocean breeze.

The score is from the intro of the album I'm currently in the process of recording called, "Full Hearts, Empty Places"

I love shooting video, but rarely find the time to shoot anything with a storyline. That's why I love the challenge of editing solely b-roll together into something that has somewhat of a semblance of a story.

My current rig is very strange. It's my first rig, so naturally it's a budget rig. But I love what it's capable of producing. Since my introduction to photography was with a Pentax ME Super, I had a handful of vintage lenses I thought I could make due with once I purchased the original Black Magic Cinema Camera and a Lumix GH4. Since both of these cameras utilize Micro-Four-Thirds sensors, I figured I would purchase a focal reducer that could adapt vintage Pentax Lenses to M43. I have a few native lenses as well just for good measure, but I can't lie, I find myself preffering the look of the vintage lenses. They have a character that is very special and makes me feel feelings.

I won't forget this sky. (Lumix GH4 + Pentax Vintage Lens)

She's beautiful.

Homemade Pasta (BMPCC + Pentax Vintage Lens)

This is the friend who gave me the Pentax ME Super. These are clips of him making homemade pasta for Mother's Day. :')

Scored by me as well using some random Synth VST I found on the interwebs.