My full-length album
"Full Hearts, Empty Places"
coming 9/30/22!

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    The minimalistic, sketchily-coded music player.

    When I initially made this website, I was in the process of writing and recording a full-length album called "Lowliness of Mind", but since then I've moved on to another musical project called "Childlikeness", which I released May 2020. This album was composed of a collection of songs written over the past several years, and in a very tangible way documents the process of learning how to write, record, mix, and master a full length album without being concerned with implementing an underlying theme to tie the songs together.

    One song from "Childlikeness" premiered on Indie Vision Music February 5, 2018. The final record is available on all platforms.

    By contrast, I am currently (Fall 2020) in the recording process of my latest project titled "Full Hearts, Empty Places", which is far more personal and conceptual. More details to come soon, for now you can listen to the album opener on Spotify, "Chattanooga / I Hear You" and a few other singles.

    Below you can play a song from that upcoming record called "Oakland" on this music player I built from scratch using vanilla Javascript for the sake of learning.

  • Oakland


  • Minute Break


  • Let's Collaborate!

Other Music Stuff

For a few more demos and beats, you can also check out my personal Soundcloud, as well as a more experimental instrumental project by the moniker of Light Gaps. I have also recently started posting on Audius!

I also have a growing collection of covers on my Youtube channel. A couple of which have been re-shared by the artists themselves!