Concept album art for a music project I'm currently recording.

Concept tracklist album art for a music project I'm currently recording.

Album art for a music project my friend Benjamin Daniel is currently working on.

A logo I made for my fiancée and I for wedding materials to send out to family and friends :)

Concept art for an instrumental music project that will exaggerate alot of the production quirks I implement in my singer/songwriter music.

I was hired by a church to develop a visual identity for their counseling center. This was one of the iterations that, though not the final decision, was my personal favorite.

Logo for a non-profit in Jackson, MS called Hearts & Hands for Hispanics (or 3H Ministry).

Logo for a nutrition consulting company.

Logo variation for Rozina Bakehouse.

A logo idea for Rozina Bakehouse that didn't make the cut. Turkish coffee!

Concept promotional art for my friend and talented chef, Al Betty, who is starting his own Pop-Up Restaurant Business!

Little labels I made for whenever I sell/give a loaf to family/friends.

Those who have grown up in Gwinnett County should recognize where the lettering comes from. This county gets alot of hate, but I find myself growing in appreciation for it. It is my home county after all.

I'm not proficient enough in Javascript to even begin coding up an entire JS library or framework, so I did the next best thing: make logos for trendy, citrus-themed libraries that probably accomplish something only mildly useful.

Ramen. I always get an extra egg.

There is man who I've never met from New York who makes amazing hot sauce. It's a long story as to how I discovered his products, but it inspired me to create a logo that aptly described how I feel whenever I add his hot sauce to my food. It needs some tweaking before I send it to him, but I'm pretty happy with it so far.

One of the two JBL Monitors sitting on my desk. This the first detailed svg I attempted to create. I was having a hard time coming up with an idea, so I looked around the room and asked myself, "Maybe I can illustrate something right here, in my room." So I did, and this is what came about.

Not Illustrator?

My introduction to vector graphic processing can be credited to Inkscape. (open-source is neat). And as much as I love Adobe products, there's a special place in my heart for this piece of software. :)

Other Visual Stuff

A few years ago, my good friend gave me a Pentax ME Super as an introduction to film photography. Shooting film has completely changed the way I think about photography. It has caused me to slow down, to appreciate a moment, to truly understand composition and framing. I'm learning more every day, and I recently invested in a Lumix GH4 and a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera. I am excited to jump into visual arts professionally. Here are a few shots on film, check it out!

Allen closing his eyes with a friggin' jean jacket and a Pentax ME Super around his neck.