One of the two JBL Monitors sitting on my desk. This the first detailed svg I attempted to create. I was having a hard time coming up with an idea, so I looked around the room and asked myself, "Maybe I can illustrate something right here, in my room." So I did, and this is what came about.

Logo variation for Rozina Bakehouse in Downtown Atlanta, owned by Chef Shay Lavi.

A logo idea for Rozina Bakehouse that didn't make the cut. Turkish coffee!

Concept promotional art for my friend and talented chef, Al Betty, who is starting his own Pop-Up Restaurant Business!

Concept art for a potential music project.

Little labels I made for whenever I sell/give a loaf to family/friends.

Those who have grown up in Gwinnett County should recognize where the lettering comes from. This county gets alot of hate, but I find myself growing in appreciation for it. It is my home county after all.

I'm not proficient enough in Javascript to even begin coding up an entire JS library or framework, so I did the next best thing: make logos for trendy, citrus-themed libraries that probably accomplish something only mildly useful.

Not Illustrator?

Nope. I can't afford the Adobe Creative Suite. However, Inkscape is sweet. (& open-source is neat)

Other visual stuff...

I ain't no photographer, but I do enjoy shooting photos. My good friend gave me a Pentax ME Super as an introduction to film photography recently, so here are a few shots, check it out!

Allen closing his eyes with a friggin' jean jacket and a Pentax ME Super around his neck.