Why Blog?

October 30, 2020

'Feel the frequencies of forgiveness and mercy.' Rainbow plant.

I've got things to share and ramble about and people have told me they like it when I share and ramble. That's mainly why. But it's also to help myself become more acquianted with the web in a much more transparent, vulnerable way. It's easy to get jaded when browsing the web. It's easy to despair. There is something about the human heart that is attracted to vile, slanderous, gossip-filled content that taints every corner of the internet. But I don't want to get caught up in those downward spirals. I want to remember that the web can be wielded in a way that brings light, and it can be received in a way that brings vivid color to my perception of the world. I am learning what it means for love to "believe all things". It isn't naivete. It isn't blissful ignorance. It's being rooted in love and truth--in God's Word, knowing that He is both good AND sovereign and that this broken and sin-stained world is not out of His hands as we like to think.