So, why a website?

April, 2017

Because it's super trendy and cool to have your own website these days? Probably some of that. But the main reason is because I have recently discovered the joys of front-end web development. In December of 2016, I graduated with a marketing degree at Georgia Tech's Scheller College of Business, and after taking some digital-centric marketing courses that dealt with SEO, user experience, and analytics, I became interested in knowing more about this "HTML, CSS, and Javascript" stuff. In only a few months I feel like I've learned a lot, but I know there is much more to learn (thanks to the massive amount of articles that overwhelm me with talk about this and that new technology). But now at least I can say that I am officially motivated to dig deeper into the world of web-development and programming.

This website is the result of a desire to build a website from scratch without the use of any CSS or JS libraries. Not because I don't like those things or anything. They are super efficient, impressive, and sweet actually. Truthfully, I just want to make sure that I have the best understanding possible of what is happening in the browser before I go on and grasp greater concepts. So far in my code-learning journey, I have found it helpful to find solutions in the most basic way possible, even if it isn't the most efficient way of doing so at first. As I continue learning, I can then go back and analyze my old work and therefore learn from my mistakes (or that's the plan at least). So here I am; I'm trying.

I would also say that this website was built to serve as a tool to share some of my favorite artforms, which recently consist mostly of music and vector graphics & photography, real sourdough bread, all of which can now, thanks to this website, be contained within this minimalistic aesthetic that I find to be pleasing to the eye. For now I'll only be showcasing a few things, but perhaps I can expand in the future.

And finally, this website exists simply because it's been fun to create.


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